About ColdAd™

ColdAd™ is a term meant to describe an inbound marketing strategy. This is in contrast to the outbound marketing term “cold calling”. ColdAd™ is a leading, total solution Internet marketing company located in Toronto, Canada.

Simply put, we plan, implement and manage integrated marketing solutions on the Internet. Through inbound marketing (Content marketing / BloggingSocial MediaSearch Engine OptimizationEmail Marketing, and Website Development), we are able to attract new visitors, convert them into new leads and engage them to become loyal clients.


Why ColdAd™

  • How did you find us?
  • Did we spend any money to advertise on search engines, social media, email campaign or direct mail?

Consider that if we were able to lead you here to this page, we can also attract the same traffic to your company site.

ColdAd™ has Inbound Certification, HubSpot Certification and also HubSpot COS Designer Certification. If you want an example of what we do, just compare our ranking (ColdAd.com) against your website’s ranking at http://marketing.grader.com.


Why Inbound Marketing?

Based on HubSpot Inbound Marketing State of 2012, a new lead attracted through inbound marketing methods costs on average 60% less than outbound marketing.

We believe that implementing Internet inbound marketing is easy and anyone can do it. The ONLY reason you might need to rely on a third party agency is due to your time restrictions.


Our Story

Nader Mahmoudi, the co-founder of ColdAd, was serving advertisers under “Central Media” however, they used to promote ONLY on traditional outbound marketing methods such as direct mail, community magazine ads and flyers. Nader helped his clients by managing all campaigns (All-In-One) and also decreasing the overall costs.

Based on experience in the field of information technology and marketing, in March 2011, founders established the ColdAd™ website to show clients how easily businesses can be found by their prospects through an integrated Internet campaign. Within 5 months, the website attracted over 1600 visits per week and 24 concurrent visitors.

ColdAd™ promoted a higher level of authority through becoming HubSpot Inbound Marketing Provider, publishing the concept of inbound marketing, giving away free course for subscribers, participating on Google Engage for Agencies program and contributing with industry experts. ColdAd™ established as a sole proprietorship company and relied on a copywriter, a contractor designer, a marketing specialist and one marketing intern. Distributing Google AdWords Coupons by ColdAd™ was very popular for a long time.

COLDAD INC Corporation has been found through the Internet by small to enterprise-size companies within Canada, the United States and France. The company became Inbound Certified, HubSpot Certified and also HubSpot COS Designer CertificatedColdAd™‘s HubSpot templates became the Winner of Designs Champion in 2013.


You might be interested to know

On the first meeting with our clients, they always ask us why Cold Ad? Everyone is looking for hot. Whay you choose a name with cold?
The answer is very simple. The name came from Cold Calling. We don’t do cold calling anymore. We do cold advertising and our clients can find us.

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