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We don't care about rankings, traffic, or anything...
Rankings and traffic are measures, but if those visitors don’t convert into actual money,
they are ONLY numbers!
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Why ColdAd™

ColdAd™ is a term to describe inbound marketing strategy in contrast to cold calling, the outbound marketing term.
ColdAd™ is a leading total solution inbound marketing agency located in Toronto. We help companies' prospects to find them through Internet inbound marketing, social media, SEO and content marketing.
Download our Free Course or get our Premium package by Nader Mahmoudi and see what we can either do for you or teach you how to DIY.
About ColdAd™

What our clients say ...

Coldad has provided Navigators Ins. Brokers with top-level service and personal attention to the specific niche markets we encompass. Coldad brings a fresh and innovative approach to inbound marketing. They have provided our company with a complete website re-design and have focused our social media practices in order to increase lead traffic and ultimately, our client base.

~ Jamie Broad
COO, The Hallmark Insurance Group


I strongly recommend working with ColdAd for your website and marketing development as they are extremely expert in taking your business to the next level of popularity

~ Matt Jahanmehr

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